Friday, October 30, 2015


Krazy Greg's TV Platter Party
Press Kit
with signed letter from legendary producer/promoter
Buddy King

 This extensive press release includes:
2 page cover letter signed by Buddy King
28 pages of photocopied articles from various publications
including extensive pages from Greg Milewski's fanzine
Cat Tales.

This press release is in VG condition.
The first page has a torn corner (visible in scan) and ink scribble
no tears on remaining pages.
2 sets of staple holes through all pages.  

scroll down to see Buddy King's signature:

some of the articles included:

1 comment:

  1. I met Greg Numerious times at LEAD EAST during its annual Labor Day weekend gathering at Parsippany NJ He was,in my long going to the event the BEST individual I met at the event. Considering I have been going every year since 1983 that's saying something! But he really deserved it. He was sincere, really wanted to promote the Original rock and roll culture and he was wasn't just a fan, he was knowledgeable of the history of the music. And his enthusiasum produced a great show on a certainly limited budget.

    Over the years we have lost a LOT of great rock and roll and hot rod figures which have made LEAD EAST what it is. But when I think of it only a very, very few stand out in any of our memories. And Greg is way up in my top five great persons who ever attended. His honesty, and desire to promote the culture is why. The circumstances of his passing shocked and depressed the entire inner circle at the
    event I know. One of the people who many charged was a chief contributing factor,
    I understand, allegedly showed up the year after his passing which tremendously put off the people I spoke that year. So loved and respected was Greg to the people who ever came in contact with him.

    God's speed Greg, you were a great Guy and always a contributor...