Saturday, October 3, 2015


Some of you will already be familiar with this fabulous creation because it has made many appearances on playlists and radio programs of the weird and wacky variety. It has been labeled as one of the world's worst records, and of course, featured as a novelty hit on several Dr. Demento programs.

But, as the pic sleeve testifies, this recording is much more than that.

Bent Bolt was actually a pseudonym for Teddy Randazzo who died in 2003, but was a 50's rock icon who probably co-wrote god-only-knows how many songs that were covered by such greats as Frank Sinatra and Dionne Warwick. In the early years of rock and roll, Randazzo played with a group called The Three Chuckles, and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show numerous times.

With his composing partner, Bobby Weinstein, Randazzo wrote a string of major hits for other artists including "Pretty Blue Eyes", a top ten hit for Steve Lawrence. He also penned a number of songs for Little Anthony and the Imperials, including "Goin' Out of My Head" which was covered by numerous artists including the Letterman.

"I've lost count on how many versions of what I wrote there are," Randazzo once said.

If you try to dance to this record, you'll probably find it a bit clunky.  The vocalist sounds like he's using a vocoder, and could have hurt his throat trying to sing this weird tune--which has very, very weird lyrics.

I'm a mechanical man,
I was built in a factory,
my serial number is

I'm designed in The U.S.A.,
and manufactured in Japan.
Does anybody here know a
robot girl who wants to meet
a mechanical man?

I was made out of stainless steel
to protect my brain from rust,
there's a vacuum cleaner built
into my chest that automaticlly
picks up dust

I am 5 foot 8 inch tall
and as strong as a moving van
Does anybody here know a
robot girl who wants to meet
a mechanical man?

I can fix an automobile,
I can put up a Christmas tree,
I can milk a cow,
I can mow a lawn,
I can pour you a cup of tea,
but I'm looking for someone
who could help me to charge my coils,
and fill me up with bat-ter-ies
and feed me my daily oil

I would not care at all
if she looked like a garbage can,
does anybody here know a
robot girl who wants to meet a
chanical....chanical....OH NO!!!!

This is crazy stuff!

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